Why sell books on a website when you're already selling on IG?

We've been selling books on IG for more than 4 years now and as our customer base grew, we realised that our daily posts are no longer enough to meet your demands. When we saw that some of you are disappointed that you keep missing our IG posts, we felt it's time to consider another channel for you to shop with us.

How do I buy or reserve books from the website?

1. Ensure you've created an account and you're logged in.

2. Browse or search for the books on our website.

3. Add the books to your cart.

4. Check out your cart, and fill in your billing and shipping details.

5. Select your payment method. If you'd like to reserve the books in your cart, choose Bank Transfer as your payment method.

6. Check your order and click Submit. Once your order has been submitted, the books from your cart will be reserved for you for 7 days.

7. Upload your proof of payment within the 7 days given. After 7 days, unpaid orders will be automatically cancelled and the books you reserved will be returned to our catalog.

Can I add more items after I have submitted my order?

Yes, you can! If you haven't paid for your order, please click on the WhatsApp chat button to inform us. Don't forget to mention your name and your Order ID to expedite the process. We will manually add the books to your order and you can then proceed to checkout.

If your submitted order has already been paid for and processed, you will have to submit a new order for the additional books. But don't worry, we can arrange for combined shipping with your prior order. Just leave us a note in your new order and we'll take care of it.

I've reserved books on The Sleepy Cat Bookshop's IG page. Can I combine shipping with the books that I ordered from your website?

Yes, you can. Once you have submitted your order on our website please inform us via WhatsApp chat to add the books that you reserved from our IG page.