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Fear Less Live More: Everything I’ve learned from testing my limits by Aimee Fuller

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How to make the most of life outside your comfort zone

Harness your fears and supercharge your life with this inspirational guide.

As someone who has lived outside her comfort zone, Aimee Fuller has a lot to say about fear. She has spent years riding on the fine edge of progression as a professional snowboarder, she has competed in two Winter Olympics and travelled to North Korea to run her first-ever marathon, as seen in the documentary Running in North Korea . Along the way, she has discovered that while it's scary to step outside your comfort zone, it can also be freeing. 

In this honest, insightful and high-energy book, Aimee shares everything she has learned (and what she is still figuring out) from testing her own limits. Fear can feel like the worst thing in the world, but it is also a prerequisite for growth. Encouraging you to get up close and personal with your fears, Aimee shows: 

- What fear is, both physically and mentally

- How to recognize it in yourself

- How to be mindful of fear without letting it take control

- How to reframe fear and build a healthy relationship with it

- What to do when things go wrong

Drawing on her training as a professional athlete, Aimee provides confidence-building tools that can be applied to any aspect of life, like goal-setting, maintaining consistency, celebrating your strengths, learning from failure, taking comfort in choice, owning your decisions and visualising success. 

Fear Less Live More is for anyone who wants to be the driver of their own life.

Product details

Goodreads rating: 4.04

Condition: Used - good (slightly sun-bleached cover, tanned top and fore edges)

Format: Hardcover, 208 pages

Dimensions: 133 x 185 x 22mm, 242g

Publication date: 17 Feb 2022

Publisher: Aster

ISBN-13: 9781783254118