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People Like Them by Samira Sedira, translated by Lara Vergnaud

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The Perfect Nanny meets Little Fires Everywhere in this stylish, intense psychological suspense novel inspired by a true story about a couple in an insular French village whose lives are upended when a family of outsiders moves in.

Everything started one Saturday in July of 2015... Anna and Constant Guillot live with their two daughters in the peaceful, remote mountain village of Carmac, largely deaf to the upheavals of the outside world. Everyone in Carmac knows each other, and most of its residents look alike—until Bakary and Sylvia Langlois arrive with their three children.Wealthy and flashy, the family of five are outsiders in the small town, their impressive chalet and three expensive cars a stark contrast to the modesty of those of their neighbours. Despite their differences, the Langlois and the Guillots form an uneasy, ambiguous friendship. But when both families begin experiencing financial troubles, the underlying class and racial tensions of their relationship come to a breaking point, and the unthinkable happens.

With piercing psychological insight and gripping storytelling, People Like Them asks the questions: How could a seemingly normal person commit an atrocious crime? How could that person's loved ones ever come to terms with it afterward? And how well can you really know your own spouse?

Product details

Goodreads rating: 3.51

Condition: Used - good

Format: Paperback, 192 pages

Dimensions: 136 x 216 x 19mm, 139g

Publication date: 8 Jul 2021

Publisher: Raven Books

ISBN-13: 9781526638595