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Twisted Library - Volume 1: Short Horror Stories Anthology by Bryce Nealham

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The first book in a new series of short horror anthology stories for adults, young adults, and older teens.

Welcome to the Twisted Library series, where you will be able to browse the many tales of terror.

This collection of ten chilling horror and suspense stories delves into the realm of things that go bump in the night, demonic beings that live amongst us, an evil that lurks within our minds, skin-crawling moments, and nightmares beyond anything you can ever imagine.

Here is a brief look at the terrifying stories that may cause you to stay up at night:

★ They Sleep At The Foot Of Our Beds - I haven’t been feeling the same since my two beloved cats passed away. In hindsight, I realize that they were protecting me from something evil, something that I could not see but certainly something that I could feel. This thing has been waiting for some time to hurt me and for a while, my cats kept it at bay.

★ The Real Mr.Sandman - An investigation became a nightmare when a demon violates a young girl's mind, how can there be any sort of escape when your dreams are owned by this demon?

★ The Choice Is Yours - In this life, there is no denying that our choices define us. Some choices lead to great things while others lead to disappointment, fear, and even murder at times.

★ The Old Market Street Vendor - Sometimes, in street markets you'll find a stall that sells interesting and unusual trinkets. Nothing unusual about that however, Officer Geoffrey discovered something very odd about the old vendor's stall...especially after people began to go missing.

★ Demon Bed - Maddy and Jim, a loving young couple with a dog and a happy life. They bought a beautiful antique four poster bed to furnish their new home. From that day forward strange things began to occur; things beyond anyone's nightmares.

★ Iceberg Deep - The ship is wrecked. They couldn’t fix it before the ice of the arctic surrounded the hill. Half of the crew has gone missing. A crewmate knows where everyone is going, towards the lone iceberg standing in the middle of the infinite icy desert. 

★ Stone Cold Kiss - In the old, abandoned art building is a secret known only to him. He harbors a one-sided love for a woman made of stone. But as strange things begin to happen around him, he suspects that his love has awoken something…or someone.

★ The Crone Pit - Thinking a short break would be good for her after her mother’s death, Reba’s fiancé, Jamie, drags her out on a long weekend. After a short hike, Reba soon finds herself trapped in a pit, where she finds a chained up old woman who tells her horrifying accounts of Reba’s future.

★ The Tortured Artist - After months of therapy, Margene returns to her passion for sculpting, channeling her pain and rage into a final art piece for her scholarship. But when her only friend's daughter tries to interfere with her creative process, the artist's repressed memories of abuse and torture resurface, leading her down a path of vengeance and madness.

★ The Bridge - I have very little to tell. All I can say for certain is that it was something dark. A hunched, huddled shape, something like a shadow, glimpsed for just for an instant from the corner of my eye. It stayed for a moment, like a smudge or an inky blur, on the very edge of vision, before, in a flash of thick black hair, it disappeared again. back beneath the bridge.

I reccommend you don't read these horror stories alone and at night because you never know who or what could be watching you. Not to worry, because these horror stories of creatures, ghosts, ghouls and pure evil will most likely keep you up at night anyway.

Sweet dreams!

Product details

Goodreads rating: 3.80

Condition: Used - good

Format: Paperback, 120 pages

Dimensions: 152 x 229 x 7mm, 208g

Publication date: 20 Apr 2023

Publisher: Independently published 

ISBN-13: 9798391975724