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One Million Minutes: What My Daughter Taught Me About Time by Wolf Küper

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When a stressed-out Wolf tells his four-year-old daughter Nina that he can only spend ten more minutes reading her bedtime stories before getting back to work, she wishes that they could have a million minutes together 'on the really good things. Let's go so far away, until we have time,' she says.

While Nina is physically disabled, Wolf feels that what really makes her different is her complete freedom of thought, uninhibited by political correctness and unlimited by the restrictions of 'reality'. As Wolf comes to understand the magnitude of his daughter's condition, he starts to reconsider what is most important in life. Despite a huge break-through in a profession he has worked so hard to make his mark on, he decides to step off the career ladder. Colleagues claim he is ruining his life, but Wolf slowly learns that fulfilling Nina's wish is worth much more than professional success.

Wolf, his wife Vera, his son Simon and Nina spend a million minutes - two years - travelling through Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand, but the real journey is one of personal discovery. Wolf may have wanted the high-flying, well-paid career before Nina was born, but what does he want now? And what does it really mean to be rich, anyway? Nina's unique, frequently humorous world view teaches Wolf about the deeper meaning of life, and inspires him to question his values. What starts out as a simple experiment will forever change Wolf's family: what happens when people take a million minutes for each other?

Product details

Goodreads rating: 3.86

Condition: Used - very good

Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 pages

Dimensions: 141 x 222 x 22mm, 321g

Publication date: 23 Jan 2020

Publisher: Bonnier Books UK

Imprint: Lagom

ISBN-13: 9781788701051